Nearly Sacred Episode 1 The Beginning Of It All

Podcast Cover

Original air date was approximately December of 2015. Little did we know what we would soon unleash. Read the show notes for original write up.

“You know what I think we need for the New Year? A podcast.” I can’t remember if I, Joe Bill Schirtzinger, said this, or if my wife, Melissa Sims, said it. Regardless, one of us said it–or at least I am pretty sure we did. Maybe we did not. That’s gnosis for you.
Once you go down the rabbit hole, up and down cease to be familiar friends and instead become unstable wormholes. You go in in 2016 and pop out in Victorian England and you have to be “okay with that.”
We were not sure what we were going to talk about, but we had a pretty good idea that it would have something to do with mysticism and gnosticism. We do that without trying to do that– regularly. We make a pop tart, BOOM! Mysteries of the universe are unraveled. So, hand us microphones, and some “shit” is likely to get “real”.
In this episode we cover everything from a strange portal over CERN, to David Bowie, to the disappearance of the Goddess virtually from all religion everywhere. We try to have fun along the way. Everything is sacred, but not THAT sacred. Mostly so. So tune in, turn on, and like, drop out man, and get ready for your podcast playing apparatusto suck you down some god-forsaken avenue.