Nearly Sacred Episode 2 Interviewing Stuart Mitchell

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Original air date was approximately January 2016. Stuart, at this time, was not diagnosed with cancer which would later kill him. Original notes follow.

“Stuart would be a good guest. He decrypted Rosslyn chapel. He is heavily involved in cymatics and music. He even made his own CD,” said Melissa. “Yeah, I agree, he does seem to be a good fit. Much better than Mr. T. Still though, I pity the fool that does not have Mr. T on their podcast,” said Joe Bill. Or, maybe not. It sounds quasi-likely though, don’t you think?
“Stuart turns your DNA into music,” said Melissa. “WTF?” asked Joe Bill.
“Also, Stuart turned the Shroud of Turin into DNA music as well,” said Melissa. “WTF?” again asked Joe Bill.
“Likewise, Stuart turned the entire Rosslyn Chapel into music,” said Melissa. “WT–hey, you know I am really in the mood for Mexican,” said Joe Bill.
This week we talked with Stuart Mitchell. Stuart is a composer from Edinburg Scotland, he is listed in Classic FM’s Hall of Fame, he has recorded with some of the world’s top musicians and is a pioneer in the music field, using DNA, Cymatics to allow us to experience music unlike we have heard it before. In this Episode we discuss, stretching music and its effects on consciousness, DNA music and how nature literally sings us into being, a secret DaVinci Code we discovered a few years ago and many more interesting little tidbits, so grab something or someone and relax and let us entertain your soul!