Nearly Sacred Episode 4 Interview with Rich Merrick–Author of the Venus Blueprint

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Original air date was approximately February 2016. Rich Merrick comes on our show to discuss his latest book, The Venus Blueprint. Notes follow.

“Our interview with Stuart Mitchell was interesting about all those cymatics on the ceiling, ” said Joe Bill. “Yeah,” said Melissa, “there is a lot of stuff in Rosslyn. Rich Merrick wrote an entire book on the subject. Hey, you know what would be very awesome? If we could have Rich on the show and he could discuss what he found at Rosslyn! You better get your reading hat on, Joe Bill!”
In this interview with Rich Merrick, Joe Bill and Melissa are transported back in time to what may well be the beginning of all religion. Rich Merrick tells the two all about sound and how it has worked through the ages and specifically how it affected Rosslyn Chapel in its design. The etiology of this harmonic theory is traced all the way back to the Vedic philosophies of India. Likewise, we learn what rules governed music in the Catholic church, and why. This is one fascinating interview you will not want to miss!