Nearly Sacred Episode 5 Bardstown Kentucky and the French Revolution

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Original air date was approximately April 2016. Joe Bill and Melissa take a trip to Bardstown and visit a place called the Gates of Hell among other locations. Notes follow.

“Cort Lindhal couldn’t make it,” says Melissa. “My sound card blew up on my computer anyway,” says Joe Bill. Time for a road trip, they both think. “Where to?” asks Joe Bill. “Let’s go to Bardstown,” suggested Melissa. Little did they know they they were heading straight into the arms of the remnants of the French Revolution…somewhere a clock was running backwards…A picture of Joe Bill Schirtzinger
In this exciting episode, Joe Bill and Melissa explore Bardstown, Kentucky along with making some predictions having to do with where the United States is heading along with where it has been. They talk about their journey through Our Lady of Gethsemani, the Talbot Inn, and even the Gates of Hell. If you want metaphysics and adventure, this is where you want to be!