Nearly Sacred Episode 6 An Interview with Cort Lindahl–And A World-Wide Exclusive Release Concerning the Shugborough Monument

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Original air date was approximately May 2016. Melissa and Joe Bill talk with Cort Lindahl about the alignments of certain famous monuments in relation to other monuments. Notes follow to the episode.

“Hey, I think we finally found Cort, “ said Joe Bill. “Where did he go?” asked Melissa. “I am not sure,” replied Joe Bill, “but I wouldn’t be so certain that he wasn’t sucked into a singularity where he resides and was only able to extract himself long enough to have an interview with us.” “Time travel is taking a toll on me,” replied Melissa. “Such are the costs of knowledge,” replied Joe Bill.
World exclusive first time ever reveal in this episode! Cort Lindahl reveals his finding connecting the ever famous Shugborough monument and the Shepherds of Arcadia and how they all connect to Rennes le Chateau! Yes that’s right you heard it–Rennies! If you don’t know what a Rennie is then welcome to our world of mystery that weaves itself around in a Labyrinth and leaves you breathless for more! Get ready for some major gnosis! Grab a pen and prepare to take notes, because there is so much information in this episode that we even have to re-listen to it ourselves!