Nearly Sacred Episode 7 Melissa Sims and Joe Bill Schirtzinger Recount Their Harrowing Mystical Near Misses and Finding Their Spiritual Roots

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Original air date was approximately May 2016. Melissa and Joe Bill reminisce about all of their almost not being alives on the planet. This is the episode where they document that reality has left its normal moorings entirely. Notes follow to the episode.

“Shitttttttttttttttt. Shiiiiiittttt. Shiittt.” The wormhole finally opens on Melissa and Joe Bill sending them hurtling through space-time. Can they hold on to their sanity and find something to root them in place? They’d better. Somewhere a Wonder Bread truck is sighted…
In this episode, Melissa and Joe Bill discuss the often unspoken side of mysticism–almost getting yourself sacrificed. Likewise, they discuss their solutions to the French mysteries and where their own spiritual roots led them. This is real-life, hands-on, spiritual shaminism, and not some quaint new-age rubbish about love and light. If you want to understand what journeying is all about, this episode is for you.