Nearly Sacred Episode 8 Melissa Sims and Leslie Cottle Go to France Part 1

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Original air date was approximately May 2016. Melissa Sims and Leslie Cottle review their shared experiences in France. Copious show notes follow.

Then there was that time that Melissa went to France and had her brain melted by its beauty–both metaphysical and otherwise. She took her friend, Leslie Cottle, along with her, who also had her brain melt. Would they be able to piece their brains back together again after this adventure? Better listen to this Part 1 version of their story.
In this Episode Melissa Sims and Leslie Cottle recount their adventure in areas like Rennes-Le-Chateau, Bugarach, Montsegur and surrounding regions. Will these two mystery researches become part of the mystery, or will they find some answers?

Revelation, It’s The End of The World and a Beginning

Sometimes knowledge is an awful thing to have–especially in an age rife with distraction. I am just going to lay this on you–and I won’t blame you if you don’t want to read any further than this: It IS the end of the world, or the great cycle, or whatever you want to call it.
So, that’s the bad news. The even worse news is that people are going crazy and being affected by misfortune designed to make them walk into their worst fears and anxieties. Indeed, reality is bending, it seems, just to provide people with the opportunity to walk straight into an open pitfall.
However, it is possible to inoculate one’s self against these hazards. The first thing one must realize is that these hazards are an opportunity to find those issues that need healing and to heal them. When it begins to feel like something “crazy” is happening to you, that’s your cue. You need to stop and pause during those moments, and figure out if what you are serving is what you SHOULD be serving, or whether it is foolishness masquerading as necessity.
There are two archetypal energies or spirits on the prowl. The dragon, and the fool or joker. It is important to understand that these energies are not merely psychological, they are indeed servants of intelligent spirits and they do infect people. If you are of a Christian persuasion consider them to be Satan and Leviathan. If you are Norse, then Loki and Jormungander. If Greek, then Dionysus and the Ouroboros.
Whatever lens you use, you will necessarily experience this event through it. So, if Norse, you get tricked by Loki to become dragon food. Greek–Dionysus, Christian–Satan, and so on. All of these lenses are valid ways of experiencing God, but they are not all equal and it is fairly easy to get yourself into a deadly mess with any of the “old pagan religions” for one central reason–we are an advanced society out of tune with nature and this cycle often involves heavy amounts of human sacrifice.
So, consider the recent concerns of the so-called Mandela Effect. I shall define it here in case you have not yet encountered it:
The Mandela Effect is a term for where a group of people all mis-remember the same detail, event or physicality. It is named after the instance in which a large group of people all shared the same memory that Nelson Mandela died prior to his actual 2013 death, usually some time in the 1980’s.
People are freaking out where the Mandela Effect is concerned because they are finding many other memories that are seemingly altered, and most of them are despairing alterations. In other words, these changes extinguish hope and make it feel like the dragon as I have used it here is undefeatable and inevitable. While these people argue and try to logically discern what is happening the dragon sits back and has a laugh as it causes more divisiveness and fire–which is its ultimate aim.
Consider also the sudden allure of going to Mars. Mars has historically always been considered to be a planet of war and blood. Not only are we considering going to Mars, but we want to put up a colony there as well. What better planet for a dragon to incite people to visit than Mars–the planet of fire?
Most folks are trying to dismiss all of this which has led to the creation of a video game which I think makes the point pretty obviously–We Happy Few. Living in a bubble and in denial about what is happening is no way to approach the issue either.
I suspect the ultimate goal is to try to stir up animosity as much as possible before the Age of Aquarius can truly take place. I also suspect that no small amount of effort will be made to incite war. In the mean time, all of us get front row seats to people slowly going crazy while the world burns like the Heath Ledger version of the Joker from the Batman movie.
To make matters more interesting, time doesn’t fully matter as much as it did as past events make their karmic way back around in rapid succession and our own thoughts and decisions seem to have speedy repercussions in the immediate environment. The training wheels are off of us, and most everything happens at nearly the speed of thought, which creates this insane merry-go-round that everyone senses with a certain amount of anxiety and trepidation and an underlying feeling like they are “going crazy.”
The solution, or at least the only one I have found to provide any grounding during what can only be described as a time period akin to the tribulation is to find one’s spiritual roots so they are not at the mercy of this process as much. The only spiritual tradition that has a stand-in sacrifice for humanity is Christianity, but this is ineffective as it stands in part because it has been heavily tampered with and made more “Greek-like.” A Messianic Jewish approach with an acceptance of Yahshuah as a sacrifice helps tremendously as that at least gives one a bit more distance from becoming dragon horderves through trickery. One still must, however, be cognizant of Gemini contacts–that is to say anything that has to do with knowledge, communication and duality.
Let me give a concrete example of how this process works. Usually, there is a person involved with a name that is a pun on words. You might not notice it at first, but if you find yourself within the middle of this process, you’ll notice. This name often tries to “twin” something else. So, not very long ago I had an interaction with someone named something like “Dreadwater” as a last name. I was asking them a question about American citizenship as a Cherokee Indian. They replied they were heavily patriotic and belong to both the Cherokee nation and the United States of America as a citizen. I was curious as to how these two things could be reconciled since my definition of citizen does not involve having your people systematically subject to genocide. “Dreadwater” replied that she just did–that it was no different than going to France and being a dual citizen there and the US. However, there is one clear difference–if you go to France you are requesting citizenship and not being butchered. I tied to point this out, and Dreadwater tried to make it seem like I misunderstood her point and began to bring my gender into the discussion as if that mattered all while never answering my question. This is a Gemini issue–a duality that makes absolutely little sense, and a desire to stir up a ruckus while making the other person look like the bad guy. What’s worse is that a long-time friend sided initially with the other person and assumed I was the one looking to cause trouble. This whole sequence of events, if one is clever, is designed to show people where they might be dual or unable to see something important that needs healing. If they do not notice the nonsensical duality, though, they fall right in the middle of it.
This duality–trying to make men into women, women into men, absurd arguments about how one feels the world should be–these are all the tickets to be carried away by this process in a most unpleasant way. Our values as a society are drastically off, and if we hope to make it through all this, we better fix them and get our spiritual roots pounded into the Earth lest we become deceived and therefore dragon food.
If you have more questions about this matter, listen to our podcasts at You might also consider booking some sort of session with either Melissa or myself such as Reiki, reflexology, astrology, or Tarot to begin to see this process and how it is at work in your own life. Whatever you do, make the decision like your life depended on it, because at this point in time, it just might.